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Will Somers served as an executive at Pennsylvania House Furniture and as President of Mersman/Waldron Furniture and Somers Corporation, is a visionary and author, a business executive and an entrepreneur.

MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE: How To Create the Home You’ve Always Wanted. In this unique book, Mr. Somers points out that Americans, in increasing numbers, are turning to their homes and families as a source of refuge, reinforcement, self-employment and relaxation. In addition, the home is becoming the hub of a huge interconnected network. The prophecy of the electronic cottage is coming true, allowing more Americans than ever to work in the comfort of their own homes. 

Key points discussed by Mr. Somers include: 

• Issues relating to design and the environment 
• A preview of the technologically advanced home 
• How to set up an office in the home 
• The importance of comfort 
• The importance of geography on decorating 
• Basics of interior design 
• Tips on budget, planning and purchase of furniture 
• Furniture trends for the decade and beyond 

Will Somers endorses a “you-can-do-it” approach to interior design, combining this with an unswerving belief that “comfort makes a difference” and “your home affects you and everyone else who lives or enters there in dramatic ways.” He can show you how to easily improve your own home, avoid the pitfalls that might await you and have fun while doing so.

Make Yourself Comfortable - the book

The book "Make Yourself Comfortable" is now in its second printing, and was rewritten in 2008-2009 with extensive additional material.

A real goal of "Make Yourself Comfortable" is to show how we can live in an environmentally friendly way and still have comfort in our homes and lives.

Please look, too for solid buying tips and advice from an industry expert and former manufacturer.

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